UNIX 系統效能



  • CPU

  • 記憶體

  • 磁碟空間

  • 通訊線路

  • I/O 時間

  • 網路時間

  • 應用程式



元件 描述
User state CPU The actual amount of time the CPU spends running the users program in the user state. It includes time spent executing library calls, but does not include time spent in the kernel on its behalf.
System state CPU This is the amount of time the CPU spends in the system state on behalf of this program. All I/O routines require kernel services. The programmer can affect this value by the use of blocking for I/O transfers.
I/O Time and Network Time These are the amount of time spent moving data and servicing I/O requests
Virtual Memory Performance This includes context switching and swapping.
Application Program Time spent running other programs - when the system is not servicing this application because another application currently has the CPU.



命令 描述
nice/renice Run a program with modified scheduling priority
netstat Print network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and multicast memberships
time Time a simple command or give resource usage
uptime System Load Average
ps Report a snapshot of the current processes.
vmstat Report virtual memory statistics
gprof Display call graph profile data
prof Process Profiling
top Display system tasks